Made in EU

All wooden toys sold by Harmony House are handmade in a small and beautiful Europe country near The Baltic Sea – Lithuania


Lithuania is EU member and all the toys are manufactured in line with EU regulations and they are CE marked.


The CE marking is a mark that is affixed to products that fall under the essential requirements of the European New Approach Directives. ‘CE’ stands for ‘Conformité Européenne’. With the CE Marking logo, the manufacturer or importer indicates that the product meets the legal requirements described in the applicable European Directive.  

Moreover, for the production our wooden toys manufacturers are using only the highest quality wood – birch - from Lithuanian sustained forests supporting forestry that follows regulations and uses the certification of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

FSC facilitates the development of standards, ensures monitoring of certified operations and protects the FSC trademark so consumers can choose products that come from well managed forests. One of many FSC supporting forestry regulations is avoiding cutting down trees without planting. 


Why birch?

Birch is natural wood which is the most suitable for children’s wooden toys production, as it is hard, doesn’t have resin and it is naturally white! So our toys are NOT bleached or treated with any other synthetic chemicals. And just like other wooden toys it has much lower level of spreading bacteria than the plastic toys do.

Both our manufacturers for colouring are using safe, non-toxic, water based and organic dyes only: a water-borne acrylic paint and “Old Fashioned Milk Paint” – so it is completely safe for your child and the environment.