Friends & Partners

Exiting News! For 10 days the Street Nights will bring the spirit of Street Culture to the Walk at JBR. We will be there too! Come and let’s experience some Street Culture and fun before the summer hits us.



Every Friday we are at The Ripe Food&Craft Market. It's is beautiful over there and lots of fun for entire family. So come and have some awesome shopping and time together!:)



And on Saturdays we are coming to Abu-Dhabi. The Ripe Food&Craft Market located at The Collection St Regis, Saadiyat Island - beautiful place, fun, shopping...all in one!:) We are looking forward seeing you!:)



Greenheart Organic Farms, a company that manages a number of different UAE-based farms and then sells the freshly harvested organic produce to Dubai residents, via four designated collection points,  through home delivery and newly opened Greenheart Shop. This lovely store is the third one where you can see and buy our Harmony House wooden toys.

Also available in-store are jars of raw honeycomb produced by Greenheart Organic Farms own bees, free range organic eggs from happy hens:), and a small selection of hand crafted cheese and dairy produce.



If you live in Dubai, I am sure, you know Dubai Garden Centre. We are there too!:)) You will find huge range of our toys: pull along, push along, learning, carts, dolls prams, rocking bikes, rocking rabbits and horses, swings. I know how important is to see, to touch and sometimes even smell (our toys has such a nice, natural, fresh smell of birch:))) before buying. That’s why I am so excited that now there are shops in Dubai where you can see Harmony House wooden toys LIVE!:))