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Harmony House Toys is an internet-based, newly opened natural wooden toys store. We are family business based in Dubai, UAE. We are very proud to be officially representing two wooden toys manufacturers from Lithuania, a small and beautiful European country located on the Baltic Sea. Our manufacturers' products are enjoyed by kids in Europe, UK and USA. And we are so happy that finally these toys are available for kids living in UAE as well.

You will find beautiful, unique, highest quality, durable, safe, EU certified, handmade and most importantly made with love a wide selection of natural wooden toys. Our manufacturers have such a big selection, that choosing toys for the first range was a real challenge – we wanted to bring everything! In current range you will find toys for babies, toddlers, preschool and kindergarten-aged kids which we believe will bring lots of joy, happiness and hours of fun for your little ones as well as will help to educate and develop them. And we will keep bringing new toys and expanding our range, so please keep an eye on us!

“Invisible” team

Harmony House Toys team on one hand is very small. As a founder, I take care of the entire business. But on another hand the “invisible” team is really big. Behind me I have my family, the army of friends (they literally helping and supporting me in so many ways!) and business partners. Without them today this business wouldn’t be opened. I hope with all my heart that you will enjoy the work we’ve done and still doing.

Magicians…or a little more about our Manufacturers

I think you will agree with me that our manufacturers are truly magicians:). Their toys bring smiles not only to kids but adults too!:) Both companies are family businesses and both are run by husband and wife. I had a pleasure to meet them in Lithuania late spring. These people are so amazing. And the love they talk about their toys! The toys for them is not only business, it is their life! It is the love that they put into their wooden toys that brought back fond memories of my childhood that made me want to start to share with you. 

Wooden toys shop idea came unexpectedly, ones when my dad (between loads of all other information) sends me the internet link. I am sure you too have experienced in your life that sudden feeling and knowing which just hits you - this is it!:) And that was it:))... 


The first manufacturer we officially represent is Zigra, run by Zigmantas and Grazina. They are husband and wife, have been working with wood for 30 years and manufacturing hand crafted wooden toys for more than 20 years!:) They live and work in a small town not far from the Baltic sea. Company name - Zigra - if you look carefully, you will notice that it is made of the first letters of their names ;-). Zigmantas is responsible for the entire production. He creates all the designs and manages production team of 20 people. 

His first wooden toy was a train which he created 20 years ago. This wooden train became a real trade mark for the company and is still one the most popular toys with small boys and girls:). Grazina, Zigmantas wife, holds in her hands the rest of company strings…she is the one who is so patiently answering all my non ending questions and so patiently preparing all needed documents…And she always makes me laugh!:)... I am so grateful for their endless support and trust.

The second manufacturer we represent is Friendly Toys created by Donatas and Sigita, husband and wife - a younger company which have been manufacturing for only a few years.

They say that their story is very simple, but I would say it is incredible! They were living in Vilnius (capital of Lithuania), but when they got married, they have decided to move out of big city to countryside. It was the birth of their little girl that inspired this husband and wife team to create their range of hand crafted toys. For the start it took quite some time to gather all the information about wood, paint, impregnators, production process... Finally when they made the first toys and took them to Kaziukas fair (the most famous fair in Lithuania, happening in spring, all artists and crafters, from every corner of Lithuania comes to sell their products) they saw that the toys were really liked by people… And here everything began for them…

Up to date

If you have questions or comments about our site, please feel free to Contact Us by sending an e-mail or making a call. Also please visit us on Facebook.com/harmonyhousetoys page that you could keep up to date with the latest news.


Thank you for visiting Harmony House Toys shop. I hope and wish that our toys and experience with us will bring lots of happiness, joy and love for your little ones and entire family!

With lots love,

Gabija Gabriele Paliulyte
Gabija Paliulyte
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