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This Balance Moon is simple and yet fun game - open ended enough to be able to make many variations of the game, a good introduction to the concepts of balance, weight, and gravity. Reach for the stars...and then see how high your little one can stack them on the moon:).

Children can play so many ways with this toy. Alone, together with other people, as a balancing game, by using the wooden blocks to pile them up, sort them by sizes and colours, build in different ways and compositions. It brings lots of fun, inspires and develops imagination.

Playing with the Balance Moon motivates the little one to hold attention on a task and develops logical thinking, it is very good for practicing coordination of movements. Smooth wood is nice for training muscles of little fingers.

Perfect for playing with other people. While playing with children as a balancing game and discovering other possibilities how to play with the toy, it widens their vocabulary and develops emotions, social and language skills, encourages co-operation. Engaging, fun and beautiful - it is what a toy should be!

Features: handmade, set of the moon base with 13 blocks of 4 different sizes and colours, smooth, easy-grasp, solid, smooth, durable and safe for your child and the environment.
Age: 3+ years.
Materials: natural wood - ash wood, box treated with linseed oil, blocks coloured with colours made of renewable, fully bio-degradable natural binder raw materials.
Moon Size: 27x12.5x3.5cm.
Weight: 700g average. 
Made in EU: in line with EU standards.