155.00 AED

Picture of TRACTOR with TRAILER

This tractor is really happy because he has a driver and a trailer. When the driver is in a good mood he turns his head, uncouples the trailer and rides through the forest with the wind in his hair.

Great for pretend play this tractor will provide hours of fun. While playing with this toy improves development of fingers, wrists and whole body muscles, it also develops accurate movement, solution search and hand with eye correlation. Furthermore, it gives strength to social, emotional and speech skills. 

Features: What do you get when eco friendly, super cute and educational are all combined in one thing? The perfect toy! Quality handcrafted and hand painted, solid, sanded satin smooth, has no small parts, durable and safe for your child and his environment. All materials we use are 100% natural, biodegradable and safe for children.             
Age: 2+ years.
Materials: natural wood - birch, beeswax, non-toxic water based "Old Fashioned Milk Paint", finished with cold-pressed flax seed oil.This makes a toy water resistant. However, it is impossible to get full resistance with natural materials. Thus, we do not recommend using these toys when playing with the water.
Size: 8 x 26cm.
Weight: 440g average.
Made in EU: in line with EU standards, CE marked.