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Picture of PENGUIN

The world of wild nature is so interesting, mesmerizing and adventures. Your little one will enjoy exploring this adventures world. Wooden wild animals are great for pretend play and will provide kids with hours and hours of fun!


Playing with wooden animals is not only entertaining but educational too. It will help children to learn animals, recognize shapes and colours, develop fine motor skills. Playing and discovering the world of animals also will teach him custody, care, sensitivity and responsibility. Perfect for playing with other people, it develops emotional, social, language skills, encourages imagination, creativity and co-operation.

Features: handcrafted, smooth, easy-grasp, durable and safe for your child and his environment.
Age: 3+ years.
Materials: natural wood - birch, organic paint only.
Size: 6 x 3 x 1,5cm.
Weight: 11g average. 
Made in EU: in line with EU standards, CE marked.