85.00 AED


Surprise your kid with a play and learn wooden Picture-Puzzle Turtle. This slow, calm turtle will never be in a hurry, so will spend lot's of time with your little one - as much as your baby likes! 

It is made from lots of different, colourful, chunky shaped, easy to grasp peaces. The turtle provides a great way to help your little one to recognize colours and shapes and is great to begin to learn about animals. As with any puzzle, it teaches the understanding of spatial relationships, develops their matchmaking skills along with coordination and logic, the ability to find a solution. It also trains finger muscles as well as fine motor skills and memory. Thereafter it develops language, emotional and social development - especially if puzzle is being solved together with another person.

And when your little one gets tired of playing with this puzzle you can hang it on the wall – it will make a great interior detail.

Features: handmade, set of wooden frame and 9 coloured wooden blocks, solid, smooth, durable and safe for your child and his environment.
Age: 3+ years.
Materials: natural wood - birch, organic, water based colours (Allendo Pulverbeize), organic beeswax and linseed oil mixture.
Size: 13.5 x 19.5 x 2cm.
Weight: 290g average. 
Made in EU: in line with EU standards, CE marked.